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WITHOUT Visiting the Gym, Following Drastics Weight Loss Regime, Meditation Retreats or Hard to Follow Time Planning Techniques.

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Whe have been there.

I have tried so many ways to get and stay in shape. The thing is not that I don't know anything. In fact, I know and knew a lot. You probably feel the same. 

The problem is not that much knowledge. In fact, I think we are overwhelmed by all we know and that we can find easy. What happens, that is my case at least, I have a hard time to stick to one solution and I keep jumping from one idea, suggestion to another. So, I get an average result and stay frustrated.

What I did differently this time, is that I sticked to one plan, on way to do it without introducing anything that I thought was great but was not in the plan of the coach I was following. I religiously did exactly what I was told to do. Nothing less, nothing more.

What a huge difference that made. I was much more focused. I didn't need to think. I didn't second-guess everything between sessions. It was much more relax for my brain and a lot easier to actually do the training sessions.

I wonder now, why didn't I do that in the first place? Why is it that when we learn from someone with decades of experience, we challenge in our head everything they say or suggest? Why don't we wait the end of it to do that? We behave like the Kid in Karate Kid and doubt before we understand...

So, whatever the challenge you pick here, PLEASE, do yourself a favor, do it thoroughly up to the end. Wait after if you want to change something or try something else. In the course of your whole life, this will not waste your time. Even if you have some doubt halfway. Ask yourself, if keep on going for the remaining of the training, x weeks, will that make much of a difference when I will ask myself in five years? In 20xx, will I tell myself I should have quit? I don't think so. Remember that when in doubt, keep on going.

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What People Are Saying

100% Satisfied

¨I've lost, I'd say 10 pounds, maybe more... I know I've gained a lot of muscle. I can actually feel my ab muscles now where I never had them before. I Had my husband feeling them the other day. I'm like Look! Feel! Feel! ¨

-Tracey CM, Rhode Island

Thank you so much!

¨It's just a great way to start your day! It's a great way to end your day. And if you follow the program, you will succeed and you will see results. 

-Diane F, New York

Definitely would recommend

¨It's made me just feel more sexy even... because i'm fitting into my clothes. People have commented on, you know, how good I look.

-Sharon A, London, UK

Awesome results!

¨I've lost 2 dress sizes. I've gain a lot of confidence. I'm much calmer overall. And my blood pressure went down. My doctor is thrilled. She said: Whatever you're doing, keep doing it 'cause your blood pressure's really down...

-Rhonda B , South Carolina

Fast Results

¨Early on I got such great results really fast which is what is a great motivator. I really do see a difference in the shape of my body and it's nice to see and see quickly. within the first couple of weeks even...

-Anne M, Washington

Just do it!

¨My body has changed drastically in those 12 weeks. It's amazing how much you tone up.  My husband was even like ¨you must really like this...¨ I'm like Yes! I love it! Take the leap and just do it. And make this change in your life. And you will be so happy that you did... ¨

-Jenny N, West Virginia